Project Description

Ontario, Canada

The facility was in need of a new Brew Kettle as the old one was starting to fail.   The client chose to move toward the latest in brewing technology and purchased a packaged design from Krones.

The project involved:

  • The replacement of the Brew Kettle
  • The installation of new equipment and connections to the plant utility system
  • A complete upgrade and re-write of the control strategy and cleaning program within the existing PLC
  • The addition of new control panels with new Allen Bradley I/O

Langtree was responsible for the entire Instrument and Electrical portion of the project from equipment specifications and purchase to the panel design and installation.  This involved the details for several control panels with Flex I/O as well as connections to
existing control panels.

Langtree built a custom VFD panel to meet the special needs of the project.  The project required some adaptations to deal with ambient temperature concerns as well as a special panel design for sanitary consideration.

Langtree also provided the configuration for the new system.  It was designed, tested and simulated for the client prior to installation.  This allowed us to provide a product that met the client’s need with very few changes once we were in the start-up and commissioning stages.

The major equipment used in this project were:

  • Allen Bradley 150HP VFD
  • Allen Bradley Flex I/O
  • Control Logix Processor

This was not a grass roots type of installation.  The new Brew Kettle was integrated in to an existing control scheme that is dependent on both the upstream and downstream systems in order to function properly.  Our excellent knowledge of the brewing process allowed us to provide a product that was both consistent with the rest of the facility and also met all the demands of the new technology.  Langtree’s experienced commissioning team was a key factor in getting the project up and running on time.

Project Details



Major Equipment
  • Allen Bradley 150HP VFD
  • Allen Bradley Flex I/O
  • Control Logix Processor